KIP B&W 7170 / 7770 / 7970

A powerful, modular solution for wide-format printing in any production environment, with simple multi-touch control on a vivid 12.1″ screen, high-definition print technology, integrated print control software and a variety of system configurations to fit your needs.

KIP B&W 770

Monochrome printer offers full-color wide-format scanning with fast throughput, high resolution and touchscreen convenience. Accepts input from mobile sources and USB drives, handles multiple page sizes and paper rolls with next-to-wall installation and innovative top stacking system.

KIP Color 850 / 860

Multi-Function Color system with 2 rolls handles everything from architectural, engineering and construction plans to maps, posters and signs. Ideal for environments that require convenient multi-function productivity with a single footprint space-saving design. Provides speed, accuracy, scan and copy functions and fully integrated stacking and folding.

KIP Color 870 / 880

Multi-Function Color system with 4 rolls delivers unmatched multi-function copy, scan and print performance for high demand enterprise workflow. The integrated dual footprint configuration multitasks scan and print production, saving valuable project time. Smart touchscreen automation simplifies complex copy, scan and print processes for single touch control.

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