Work Smarter With Digital Office Assistants

ALICE The Virtual Receptionist

Motion detection senses visitors and greets them as they enter the building.
ALICE will check-in or register visitors and provide visitor badges.
Employees are notified when visitors arrive, and can have video conversations via the ALICE kiosk.
On-site or remote video monitoring and surveillance features provide reports about visitor activity.
Greet – Register – Notify – Inform – Secure

ALICE is a motion-activated system that welcomes your guests with friendly, intuitive messages and easy to use touch screens. The simple interface also allows your company to display just about any type of information that would be useful for visitors.

ALICE uses a mix of live interactions and pre-recorded video clips. For instance, in self-service mode a pre-recorded welcome message initially provides virtual reception to a visitor. After visitors are greeted, they can contact a live employee or receptionist using the touch screen.

Security for Your Employees and Visitors

From remote monitoring and image capture, to registration and access log control, ALICE offers many options for secure visitor management at your location. View your building exterior with live streams, and allow employees to “buzz” in visitors.

The Receptionist for iPad

Visitor Management for the Smart Office

The Receptionist for iPad eliminates interruptions, increases productivity and efficiency, improves security and compliance, and impresses your visitors.

A Consistent Visitor Experience

What happens when visitors arrive at your office? Are they greeted by a smiling receptionist who makes them feel welcome, or by someone may be having a bad day? Maybe no one is greeting visitors at all. Then what do they do? Hang out until an employee walks by or start knocking on random doors? Many buildings have unattended lobbies and unlocked doors, which means anyone could walk into any office at any time.

The Receptionist for iPad not only enhances your visitor’s experience, but also improves safety and security in your building.

Automated visitor check-in with customized, multi-lingual visitor experience options.
Automatically notify employees when their visitors via email, SMS, and Slack.
Delivery management connects delivery drivers with recipients or provide additional instructions.
Pre-registration and returning visitor recognition for an expedited check-in process.
Secure cloud-based visitor log and custom badge printing so you can easily identify who's in your building and why.

Teem Conference Room Scheduling Displays

Manage devices easily and efficiently from a web-based dashboard.
Enhance productivity by eliminating wait times and scheduling conflicts.
Work Requests feature acts like a ticket system, so end users can easily submit requests to IT or facilities.
Comprehensive analytics provide insights based on your company's meeting data for optimizing your workspace.
Detailed permission settings to make sure that only the people who need access, get access.
End the Room Wars

It’s happened to all of us. Just as you enter the conference room you need for an important meeting, someone else has the same idea. Or maybe a company meeting started late and now they need to stay later to make up the lost time. Whatever the reason, meeting room conflicts can create friction.

Teem is an easy-to-use, customizable conference room scheduling display that eliminates those conflicts. Your staff can see at a glance when each room is booked, check in to scheduled meetings, and reserve meeting rooms last-minute – all from a wall-mounted Android tablet or iPad.

Browser-Based, Desktop-Friendly

When working on the computer with multiple applications and browser windows open, you really don’t want to grab the phone and open an app just to schedule a meeting. Teem includes a browser-based scheduling tool that lets you do all the same things you can do on the Teem mobile app: find and reserve a room for the time and location that you need it, with the right resources, like a phone or projector.

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