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Double 2 Telepresence Robot

Works with multiple versions of iPad and charges your device while it's mounted.
Lateral Stability Control is a shock absorption mechanism built in the base to maintain lateral stability.
Power Drive enables the robot to go up to 80% faster than normal when the driver needs to go a long distance.
Camera Kit provides full room view with up to 720p adaptive HD.
Double uses the WebRTC connection for video and audio, so it is encrypted and always secure.

The Future of Work

Double 2 is the most innovative tool available for allowing workers to more effectively collaborate, giving remote tours, creating hybrid classroom environments, and enabling professors to teach from any location.

The Double 2 telepresence robot features high-quality video calls through an iPad on a mobile base, enabling your “double” to move around the office in a sleek and elegant way. Your Double telepresence robot is always ready to take you wherever you have to go thank to its autonomy lasting up to 8 hours.

Work From Anywhere Just Like You’re There

The Double 2 features a 150 degree wide-angle lens that increases the field of view by 70% on both the left and right sides for increased spatial awareness. Adaptive HD provides a smooth video feed when moving, higher resolution still photos that allow you to see details, and seamless switching of camera views.



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