The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire

Case Study-Conway Helps Animal Rescue of NH

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire:

In-House Solution Saves Time and Money While Improving Quality


The Client

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire helps more than 2,000 cats, dogs, and small animals each year. Being more than a shelter, the League employs one of only three shelter-based Animal Cruelty Investigators in the state. The League also offers community outreach programs, such as a Pet Food Pantry and Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics for help people who love their pets, but may be struggling to care for them.

As a non-profit, 501c3 charity that receives no state or federal funding, The Animal Rescue League of N.H. is 100% reliant upon donations, fundraising events and grants. In order to provide information and education, implement donation campaigns, and communicate with donor and potential donors, they rely heavily on print communications.



The Challenge

The League’s primary copy machine was a donated “hand-me-down”, and while grateful to have a printing device, the quality was not high enough to create newsletters, flyers, and other promotional/educational materials. In addition to quality challenges, they were also spending too much money on toner cartridges for individual office printers.

In 2014, they began investigating new copy machines in hopes of saving time, resources and money. They needed a streamlined solution that would direct the lion’s share of printing to a central, in-house location, with improved quality.


The Solution

Conway Office Solutions began by performing a 360 assessment of The League’s document workflow process and mapping out their existing devices. This simple, yet thorough, assessment revealed that merely replacing the old machine with a similar device would not help The Animal Rescue League achieve their goals.

Conway introduced the idea of combining their office copy needs with their print collateral needs in order to provide more control and eliminate the cost of outsourcing. A demonstration of the Xerox C60/C70 showed how additional capabilities like scanning, folding, and booklet printing would allow for high volume, professional quality print materials in full color, in addition to theirdaily office printing.



The Process

Installation was a smooth and simple process that included several training sessions. Conway’s consultants worked to ensure that The Animal Rescue League was comfortable accomplishing their printing tasks on the new device and returned to check on progress several times. Within a month The League was printing their own collaterals in-house and saving money!

Marianne L. Jones, Director of Administration and Communications for The Animal Rescue League describes the process: “Ben Spires and Ryan Testa from Conway Office Solutions were wonderful to work with and phenomenal with helping us to assess cost savings! They were able to assess all of the individual printers and associated costs in the building and help us choose the right copier for our needs. Once our copier was in place, they helped us enable all the computers in our building to print directly to our “fancy” (by our standards) new copier. They were always available with questions, and still are to this day!”


The Outcome

As a result of having a new device that is better suited to their print communication needs, The Animal Rescue League can now print several thousand professional quality appeals and newsletters in-house for less than what they had been paying to outsource those projects. The money they are saving allows them to print more donation appeals and newsletters than before, and to print them in full color.


The Benefits
  • Reduced Expenses

    • Having a single device that was capable of handling office copy/print needs and producing high quality print collaterals allowed The League to eliminate the high cost of outsourcing and reduce toner expenses.
  • Improved Quality

    • The Xerox C60/C70 produces high quality, full color print materials for a crisp, professional look.
  • Streamlined Workflow
    • Networking all computers to a central device improved workflow productivity while saving space and money.


"Conway Office Solutions provides phenomenal customer service and care! It is a great comfort to know that we can reach out to them at any time for help with any printing questions or needs. They are always eager and willing to help.”   ~ Marianne L. Jones Director of Administration & Communications