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Intelligent Scanning Solutions

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What is Intelligent Scanning?

Scanning solutions help save time and money by making information more accessible to more users. These solutions also minimize the need and expense to keep and archive old files. Even if the paper files must be kept and stored it gives the ability to quickly find and recreate documents without having to locate them in storage or paper filing systems and protects against misfiled documents or catastrophic loss.

Intelligent Scanning

How Does Intelligent Scanning Work?

Intelligent Scanning works in two ways. First, it helps complete and finish the scanning process by, streamlining post scanning processes, re-naming image files, enhancing images,automating OCR process to create searchable PDF files, and routing scanned files to network shares, email, and document management systems.

Intelligent Scanning also provides additional capabilities to the scan process itself. Allows batch scan by separating a stack of paper loaded in the ADF into individual image files, eliminates the need to scan each document one at a time, capture fields or index information in addition to the image file, simultaneously copy documents while scanning, read barcode coversheets to route or index documents, connect to industry standard databases to reduce the amount of data entry, pre-define complete scan and document workflows.

Benefits of Intelligent Scanning

Reduced physical storage space.
Reduce manual labor and environmental impact.
Improved response times, faster searches.
Improved efficiency and flexibility.
Improved security, accuracy and data quality.

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