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Cost Management Solutions

What Is a Cost Management Solution?

Cost Management solutions help analyze where the print and copy volumes are being generated within an organization, reduce or disable unnecessary color printing, and route print to the most cost effective devices or copy center.

cost management solutions

A Cost Management Solution is perfect for any company or organization that needs to track the use of their print devices and equipment, limit or control what is printed, make sure that the printing equipment is not under or over utilized, and to direct print volumes to the most cost effective output devices. Organizations like law offices, engineering or architectural firms, and education institutions, need to accurately track print usage in order recover printing costs through billing, or in cases when they charge for use.

How Does Cost Management Work?

Cost recovery solutions give your organization the ability to track every print or copy job from every computer or device, set page limits, apply color print control rules, decide what printers are used, and route jobs from expensive inkjets to cost effective digital multi-function devices. They even help create cost-conscious users to control excessive or needless color or monochrome printing.

Benefits of Cost Management

Allocate printing to departments, cost-centers and users with shared accounts.
Report on usage by user, department, device or environmental impact.
Use on all devices and platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed-fleet environments.

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