Reforest Your Paper Consumption

Sustainability Just Got Easier

The Conway Technology Group has partnered with PrintReleaf to integrate with your organization’s MPS software. PrintReleaf measures your organization’s paper use in real time, then automatically offsets that amount by automatically planting trees where the planet needs them most.


Track and Measure Paper Consumption

Paper is automatically measured and trees are releafed across reforestation projects on a monthly basis.

Choose Your Reforestation Project

Choose from a global list of reforestation projects in need, including Brazil, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and more.

Promote Your Environmental Impact

View your forest impact while promoting your PrintReleaf project through Facebook and Twitter.

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How it Works

The PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) is the first known technology platform that measures a customer’s paper consumption and connects them to reforestation projects around the world. Customers are now able to “releaf” (or offset) their consumption by planting new trees.

PRX measures paper consumption through a technology integration with popular MPS print monitoring software applications that capture the required paper usage data (meter data) that drives the PrintReleaf service.

PRX guarantees every sheet of paper a customer consumes will be reforested at a rate of 8,333 sheets of standard letter (8.5 x 11″ x 20lb paper) per tree (40 ft height x 7 in width).

Through PRX, paper is automatically measured and trees are automatically releafed across PrintReleaf Certified Global Reforestation Projects on a monthly basis to continually offset the customer’s environmental impact.

Measure Your Impact


PrintReleaf has measured more than 32 million pages and releafed more than 4000 trees. With PrintReleaf, you can “releaf” (reforest) your paper consumption by planting new trees equivalent to paper used by your organization at global reforestation sites of your choice.

PrintReleaf reforests at the generally accepted rate of 8,333 sheets of paper per tree (the global standard for sustainability). After selecting where they want their paper releafed, customers can use their online portal to track the evolution, growth, and survival of their trees over an approximate eight-year time frame for each tree.

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