Conway 360° Methodology

From Assessment To Application

Our Methodology Provides Data Driven Results

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Our consultants will analyze your individual goals, existing processes, and workflow, in order to develop a custom solution that will reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and improve your sustainability initiatives.

Our 360 App installs quickly and easily, allowing Conway to create a snapshot of your current printing environment. Once we have mapped your devices and usage the app continues to provide information, allowing us to customize solutions for your business needs.

Benefits of the 360° Assessment
Cost Control & Management
Workflow Automation
Information Security
Environmental Sustainability


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Conway Methodology


Define. Measure. Analyze. Improve. Control.


Having conducted thousands of assessments over the years, Conway has identified seven core areas that align technology and business process initiatives.


Understand Your Corporate Culture

Conway starts by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your corporate culture in order to better align our recommendations with your business strategies and objectives.

 Inventory Technology

Next we create a snapshot of your current technology environment in order to identify all underutilized, obsolete, and redundant assets.

 Analyze Usage

Once we have collected relevant data through our diagnostic application, we perform a thorough analysis and provide you with a full report.

 Capture Costs

Conway will then demonstrate the total cost of ownership with an in-depth review of both the direct and indirect costs associated with technology devices and information workflow asset usage, as well as ongoing maintenance.

 Review Workflow

We review your existing workflows to investigate cause-and-effect relationships, blueprint information flows, and identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies so they can be optimized.

 Examine Processes

We also conduct a thorough examination of administrative functions, including procurement and internal IT processes, so that our recommendations will help streamline those process in the future.

 Study Sustainability

We help you develop sustainable work practices in a variety of ways.

  • Lowering energy consumption.
  • Lowering CO2 output and emissions.
  • Reducing paper waste.
  • Using less consumables.
  • Proper disposal of retired technology.

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