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Is It Time For Managed IT Services?

IT Systems today are costly and complex, requiring the constant attention of highly skilled staff, so it’s not surprising that many businesses are overwhelmed by this important decision. To make matters worse, it’s hard to know exactly what Managed IT Services are, and exactly what you need. Let’s start by clarifying a few basics.

Simply stated, Managed IT Services allow you to delegate your IT operations to a third-party organization that specializes in handling these responsibilities. Sometimes they handle everything IT related, and sometimes they work with your IT person or team. In fact, one of the greatest advantages is that you can stay focused on your own business without worrying about growing and managing an IT department

Another benefit to Managed IT Services is the security expertise that comes with a team of IT professionals who will implement security policies that will keep your businesses network and sensitive data safe. They understand PCI compliance and will help your company adhere to all applicable regulations. For organizations in finance, healthcare, and education, this type of regulatory compliance is mandatory and requires the expertise and experience that a Managed IT Service can provide.

A good Managed IT Service provider also acts as technology consultant. They start by performing a comprehensive audit of your existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations to improve efficiency, reliability, and security. They manage and maintain daily IT activities and ensure you stay up to date with the newest information and business technologies.

Conway Technology Group has a unique strategy for managing all components of IT for our clients. We break it down into four different categories to make sure nothing slips through the cracks:

Support Desk – The CTG support desk is reactive support for a client’s network. They handle all help and support tickets as they arise.

Centralized Services – These are the folks working to make sure the backend of each IT system is working properly. They assist with on boarding, automation, and ensuring that all necessary tools and monitors are up, running, and reporting.

Network Administration – Our Network Admins are a proactive component to our managed services. These team members are truly ingrained into our clients’ networks and spend ample time on site to check network function and ensure technical alignment with CTG best practices. While on site, Network Admins perform practical maintenance tests while on site to test operations.

Virtual CIO – This often becomes the most pivotal component of CTG’s Managed IT Services. Our vCIO’s assist clients in understanding the true business impact of IT and translate that to technical planning and proactive system management.

Conway can manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure, keeping your business up and running at optimum performance while saving you time and money. From the data center to the desktop, we can meet all of your day-to-day IT challenges while leveraging specialized experts who will customize a strategy for you that will drive down costs while improving the consistency and quality of your IT experience.